Zynessa Stormfyre

Elven Wizard


Zynessa is a young, beautiful elf of the Meirani Forest. Her fair skin is adorned by a few tattoos including an intricate vine with roses on her side. She keeps her tattoos to herself as they are reminders of where she has been and people she has known.


Zynessa was born and raised in a small settlement in the Meirani Forest by the name of Crying Leaf. This settlement is relatively hidden and has very few outsiders ever come through as the ancient battle with the Drow has led the Elves of the Meirani Forest into hiding. She is a very young woman in regards to her people, but has reached an age where independence is very important to her.
There are only a few safe places for these elves out in the wilderness of Varisia. One of these safe havens is the Tower of Stars where Zynessa spent long years studying and learning the craft of wizardry under some of the greatest Wizards in Varisian history. Her favorite teacher and mentor was a Tattooed Mystic of Magnimar named Alluria. Alluria spent most of her younger years as a traveling gypsy while picking up tricks and trades of magic in her travels. She eventually met a wizard who drew all of her power from intricate markings painted on to her skin; this is the woman who inspired Alluria to become a wizard. She spent years of study that even led to her spending some time with the Elves at the Tower of Stars herself. Alluria’s tales of travel and adventure had always inspired Zynessa to do more than return to her small village and continue to study. Alluria’s teachings passed on a strengthened sense of acceptance to people and creatures different from you to those whom followed her closely. Zynessa learned to never be completely trusting of all, but do not be distrusting of any. The world will show the best and worst of all creatures through time; you just have to hope the best wins out.
A few years ago Alluria had fallen ill, and her passing was a catalyst for Zynessa to move on from the forest and in to the city. There were many unanswered questions about her people and their history. Zynessa’s studies gave her insight, but no evidence. What had happened to their lost city of Celwynvian? Were the Drow still a real threat, or was the fear of battle engrained in her people? These questions are what Zynessa has set out on her own to answer. Through her study she has gained hopes of meeting new people from new places.

Zynessa Stormfyre

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