Empress of this Dark Realm


A powerful Quasit. Perhaps was enhanced with sorcerer or cleric levels.

Could turn invisible.

Had a poison attack the depleted DEX.

Had a gaze attack.


First encountered in The Catacombs of Wrath under the Sandpoint Glassworks. She said the following to us before we engaged in battle. She ended up fleeing us and escaping.

• “Who is this who dares to intrude upon the Mother’s sanctum?”
• “I am Erylium, Empress of this Dark Realm, and you shall be my subjects, as I was once the subject of my long dead master.”
• “I have ruled here for a millennia, and I have listened to the simpletons above for 40 years.“
• “5 years ago, she sent the omen that signaled the return… this well gives life in return for blood… and sin!”
• “Then the Mother delivered my silver-haired general to me, and I taught her the ways. Together, we shall burn your little village to cinder in Her honor. The day comes soon!”
• “My violet-eyed general will release Malfeshnekor from his ancient prison, and unleash his fury on this land. For the glory of the Mother of Perversion!”


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