Rise of the Rune Lords

Session 2

Day 5, Rova 26th – Wealday
• Bethana Corwin, an elderly halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon, wakes you early to tell you that Ameiko has disappeared and shows them the note left by Ameiko’s half-brother, Tsuto.
• Storm the Sandpoint Glassworks
• Retreat after encounter with Tsuto Kaijitsu
• Sleep in the Glassworks main floor

Day 6, Rova 27th – Oathday
• Return to the Glassworks cellar
• Tsuto is gone, but Ameiko is found, near death
• Revived Ameiko and escorted her to the Rusty Dragon; immediately returned to the Glassworks
• Traveled through the Smuggler’s Tunnels and came to an abandoned underground temple

Day 7, Rova 28th – Fireday



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