Rise of the Rune Lords

Session 1 - A Letter from Thom Bach

Deliver to Master Brewer Hiroko at the Gulf Coast Brewery in Magnimar.

Rova 25th

Master Hiroko,

I am writing to let you know that I will not be returning from my delivery to Sandpoint any time soon. The shipment of pale ale and the oatmeal stout kegs all made it just fine (payments are enclosed). Like I had planned I stuck around for the Swallowtail Festival. It was a great time! I met some new friends; a group of folks that are real life adventures! They wear armor, use mean looking weapons, and the girls can both use magic.

I was lucky to be with them too because as the day became evening Sandpoint was raided by goblins. I actually had to fight the creatures and was forced to kill a few of them. I guess all that stuff you taught me finally came in handy for something more than winning a few silver at the tavern, eh? Anyway, it looks like there is something much more sinister than trouble-making goblins brewing in Sandpoint. I’ve decided to join my new friends: Warvyne, Poly, Grothor, and Zynessa to help them get to the bottom of this. I feel like I am a real adventurer and my friends have been treating me as if I were. You should see all of the respect I have been getting from the people here in Sandpoint! We are being treated as if we were heroes! There is one thing troubling me though. We were investigating an old crypt that was ransacked during the goblin attack. There were walking skeletons inside there, Master. I was terrified. I struck one of them and it burst apart into a pile of bones and the other was destroyed by my friend. I always thought such things were just stories, not real. I hope that’s the last we see of any of that. So, the sheriff has gone to Magnimar to seek assistance with the town’s defense and has deputized us to maintain safety here while they are gone. I don’t know when I’ll be able to return to the brewery; hopefully soon. I imagine once the sheriff returns with reinforcements we’ll get this whole thing worked out and will be able to return to our old routines. I will write you again if I have to stay longer for some reason.

Drink Strong, Drink Often.

Thom Bach



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