Rise of the Rune Lords

Session 2

Day 5, Rova 26th – Wealday
• Bethana Corwin, an elderly halfling maid at the Rusty Dragon, wakes you early to tell you that Ameiko has disappeared and shows them the note left by Ameiko’s half-brother, Tsuto.
• Storm the Sandpoint Glassworks
• Retreat after encounter with Tsuto Kaijitsu
• Sleep in the Glassworks main floor

Session 1 - A Letter from Thom Bach

Deliver to Master Brewer Hiroko at the Gulf Coast Brewery in Magnimar.

Rova 25th

Master Hiroko,

I am writing to let you know that I will not be returning from my delivery to Sandpoint any time soon. The shipment of pale ale and the oatmeal stout kegs all made it just fine (payments are enclosed). Like I had planned I stuck around for the Swallowtail Festival. It was a great time! I met some new friends; a group of folks that are real life adventures! They wear armor, use mean looking weapons, and the girls can both use magic.

Session 1

Welcome to sandpoint
Day 1, Rova 22nd – Starday
• Thom, Zynessa, Warvayne, Polynicae, and Grothor all separately arrived in Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival; each attended the welcoming speeches in the town square, speakers included: Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokus of the Sandpoint Theater, and Father Abstalar Zantus.


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